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In an age when corporate image is shaped & molded by the participation of the public, communication must be open, honest & transparent. This is why PR is today the core of any brand’s communication strategy. Our aim is to cultivate beneficial relationships for everyone.

Our team here in Communication Effect, contains digital natives who have emerged from genuine online culture. We now use this gained experience & digital communication tools to serve your organization’s digital strategic planning and its implementation with the most comprehensive way to date.

Visual communication is the most dynamic way to get a message across and be shared. Our dedicated creative department is ready to offer you creative solutions whether this is branding, ID, printing, digital or multimedia production services.

Brands and organizations ought to prescribe processes in order to deal with a potential crisis -which is not an exception in everyday social and business life.  Edelman expertise and our long-term experience of crisis management involvement are state-of-the-art credentials.


The strength of a successful event lies in the desire of the participants to have a content that adds true value. Make things happen. Make your moves public, engage with the media, communities and people and let them be talked about.

Your comparative advantage in the vastness of public sphere often depends on the added value you bring to a topic of interest or to society as a whole. Communication Effect will help you make your content matter, standout, be shared and discussed.

Building a campaign is exactly where strategic thinking meets dynamic, creative solutions. Whether this is a brand, an organization or a more targeted message, tell your story in an inspiring way which boosts into action while integrating messaging across every channels specifications.

PR is no technical support. In cases of a change in management, crisis management, rebranding, online reputation and new product/service launching, organizations and businesses can look forward to a consultant who can deal with all strategic issues.

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