An app to calculate energy saving

A new app for cost saving from heating oil has been created. Consumers can now estimate how much money they are able to save from the heating fuel if they replace old frames with new ones. This can be easily done with the “Computer Energy Saving”, an application based on same parameters like the description of the building, its location and its antiquity. It can estimate the amount that can be saved in each house, in case the old frames are replaced with insulated ones, like the Hybrid Europa Systems.

The saving is estimated to economic benefits resulting from space heating system with oil and cooling air conditioning system. The application user can share the outcome of the measurement with friends through social media (facebook, twitter, google+). Moreover, the user can enter his contact information in order to be supported by a specialized aluminum manufacturer.

Europa created this application in cooperation with special partners, in the context of a huge campaign for the benefits of window and door frame replacement, as it is described at

The campaign includes a competition, where participants can win a free frame replacement or a big discount in security doors. Frame renewal and the advantage of the program “Save at home”, are opportunities that can provide considerable benefits to many households, especially in a period of such a significant growth in petroleum price and decreasing incomes.

Computer Energy Saving is an online application that was created by CrowdPolicy in cooperation with Communication Effect.

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