A twitter contest for Amstel Eco

Communication Effect, within the frame of its collaboration with the Athenian Brewery S.A. planned and implemented a digital contest on twitter for company’s eco friendly initiative Amstel Eco.

The purpose of the contest was to pass in a friendly and interactive way initiative’s eco friendly message for clear beaches in view of August, summer’s high season.

Given that Greece is well known for its beautiful and picturesque beaches, Amstel Eco’s followers were asked to tweet a photo of their favorite beach by using the hashtag #katharesparalies. All followers who sent their photo entered the contest and three of them won, after draw, a digital camera to capture their favorite places and moments.

Twitter’s users seemed to enjoy the contest as more than 150 photos were received under the #katharesparalies.

Amstel Eco is Amstel’s eco campaign that has been started since 2008 aiming at raising people’s awareness on environmental issues.

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