Airlia launch

Just before Christmas, Airlia, the new brand in the field of scent marketing, was launched in the Greek market. Communication Effect, being in charge of this launch, entered the magical world of Airlia.

Airlia, the new brand of Mega Systems specializing in scent marketing and air fragrance, was placed on the market as a “magic touch” for the business premises, a fragrance that becomes a marketing tool and adds value to brands. In this context, and with focus on aesthetics and creativity, Communication Effect was in charge of the launch; from the creative idea concept to its realization.

A promotional action was designed, with very specific targets; the existing and potential customers, derived from the innovative nature of Airlia and the need to inform the marketers for the new proposal. Through this mission recipients came into contact with the brand and its basic characteristics, but they were also encouraged to visit the website, from which they could derive a wealth of information.

The recipients of the gift reacted very warmly, as the Marketing Director of Mega Systems, Agapi Manarioti, declared; “I admit that the result exceeded my partners’ and mine expectations. It’s great that we managed to introduce a new brand in the market in such a careful and creative way, which gained the impressions from the very first time!”

The collaboration between Communication Effect and Airlia will be expanded in 2009 in other areas of communication and event management.

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