, is one of the leading classified ads sites in Greece making buying and selling easier. is a free service where people can find great deals from other people who live close to them, whether it be furniture, mobile phones, clothing, pets, cars, home appliances, jobs, real estate etc. was first created in 2009. Since then, there have been over 1 million transactions which have helped everyday people sell their items, or helped them find the latest models at affordable prices.

AggelioPolis is owned and managed by SCM Ventures which is a division within Schibsted, one of the biggest media houses in the world (4th largest by market capitalization), based in Scandinavia with over 8,000 employees and operations in over 45 countries.

Our collaboration with began on May 2014. As the PR agency of, we design and execute PR campaigns for the promotion of in the local market. We provide services such as media relations, event management, influencer marketing, publicity monitoring, media buying, digital strategy, social media management etc.

For our client– one of the leading websites for online sales and purchases in Greece, we created an infographic to present the interesting habits of the Greek users of the platform, following the eight months launch of the new website in the Greek market.

The infographic presented the buying habits between men and women, the most popular search categories in the website, as well as the cities which perform more online sales.