Dove is a well known brand owned by Unilever. It provides a range of skin care products and it distinguishes for its commitment to redefine beauty and to extend the dialogue on it. Unilever is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods: foods, home care and personal care.

Communication EFFECT ran the DoveMed, a worldwide program aiming at presenting Dove cream bar and communicating its exceptional quality. Using the motto “Dove is not soap, Dove is different” the program addresses mainly to health care professionals, i.e. dermatologists and secondly to the final consumer. Our team was asked to build strong relations with the scientific community of skin care through personal meetings and electronic communication. Moreover, we were responsible to find, educate and support Dove’s spokesperson in the Greek market while we also handled brand’s presence in international congresses in multiple ways (sponsorship, dermatologists’ attendance, informative materials, creative work, etc.).