EETT is the National Regulatory Authority, which supervises and regulates the telecommunications as well as the postal services market. EETT’s institutional purpose is to promote the development of the two sectors, to ensure the proper operation of the relevant market in the context of sound competition and to provide for the protection of the interests of the end-users. EETT is an independent self- funded decision-making body.

Communication EFFECT organized two events in Athens and Thessaloniki regarding the controversial issue of the mobile telecommunication antennae. The aim of the events was to support the dialogue of the relative parties and inform the public on the safety aspects of the use of the antennae.

Our team was responsible for the organization of both events and took care of all details regarding the locations, booking, branding and audiovisual support. Moreover, we compiled the guest list, we created and sent the invitations while we edited and produced all relevant communication material.

Communication EFFECT also planned an integrated communication strategy regarding the public’s information on new numbering system. Our team had to maintain and develop the communication channels both in Greece and abroad, to support and take advantage of publicity activities and opportunities and to provide monitoring and reporting services.