With  “HOL changes the way you watch TV” as a main slogan, Communication EFFECT  recommended the new Hellas Online service , HOL IPTV, to the public. Aim of the campaign was the awareness creation  for hol tv and its competitive advantages promotion.

The sell-in of HOL IPTV included the development of a microsite with all essential information about the new service, communication with target audience and wider public groups, online engagement, a banner campaign and an offline targeted event for online influencers.

At the period of campaign΄s conduction,  apart from the achieved sell-in, HOL ensured public engagement with its audience. Systematic monitoring and analysis of results, corresponded more effectively in the comments, the demands or the queries of public, creating a base of customers and users, seeing direct improvement of positive results for the brand in Google΄s search engine, promoting its  services through user-generated media (videos and photos).