Kefallinias theater

Kefallinias theater is one of the most prominent cultural spaces in Greece, continuously pushing forward the art of drama. Founded in 1987, has hosted more than 60 performances both of classical and modern theater while scene B has functioned as a hotbed for upcoming greek directors and actors.

Communication EFFECT has been asked to elaborate and launch a 360 online presence strategy plan for Kefallinias Theater, mainly consisting of a brand new website & a set of interlinked social media channels.

In an attempt to capture & share theater’s ambience & mentallity, we created a multimedia-rich navigational experience for fans & visitors basing new website΄s design on theater’s huge archived imagery.

Architecturally, one can now also browse through theater΄s 25-years history with just a few clicks. Every single performance has a unique page, hosting imagery, plot, crew, credits and all related information in a full chronological & categorizational taxonomy display.

Online ticketing service and a blog platform for publishing notes & press releases is also provided while theater is now maintaining a dynamic presence in twitter, facebook & youtube.