National Opera

National Opera presents high quality productions (operas, ballets, operettas, operas for kids and recitals among others). It also allocates Athens Opera Studio, the professional dance academy and training courses addressing all age-groups. Performances being held at Olympia Theatre and Odeon of Herodes Atticus. The unique repertoire of the Greek National Opera covers four centuries of lyric art.

Communication EFFECT has undertaken National Opera’s communication digital strategy. In this frame, the National Opera of Greece acquired active presence in social media (facebook,twitterFlickr), created digital communities with persons who love or want to meet lyric theatre and placed the objective of maximizing public engagement with direct and an effective way.

Amongst the actions we performed were several contests on facebook and twitter that gave the fans the opportunity to share their love, learn more about operas and win invitation to the theater. Actually, National Opera was among the first brands & organizations in Greece that effective practiced contests via twitter. You can see an example concerning #Nabucco twitter contest here.

At the same time we took care of the online interconnection and the cultivation of social ties with relevant organizations & subjects (nationally & abroad) while we were training and engaging National Opera΄s personnel to the new media tools and their culture.