Syn Athina

Syn Athina‘ is a community building project that has been initiated by the Municipality of Athens in order to create a collaboration and communication platform for the volunteer initiatives that are active in the broad Athens area.

Communication EFFECT¬†has devised the core idea, crafted the plan and implement the digital platform that register the volunteer initiatives, the activities and build up engagement. Bloomberg Philanthropies Institution has picked Athens as one among the top-5 more innovative European cities because of the ‘Syn Athina’ project.

Bloomberg Philanthropies has awarded accordingly a prize of million dollars that will fund the ‘Syn Athina’ development. ‘Syn Athina’ project encompass the following building blocks: -a physical community of participants, advocates and players who initiate vibrant activities and engage volunteer organizations and activists, who organize activities across Athens -a digital platform that facilitate the communication among organizations, citizens and local communities.