TEDxAthens is an annual world-class conference about Innovation, Creativity and Ideas, created in the spirit of TED’s mission “ideas worth spreading”. TEDxAthens is one of the very first TEDx events worldwide and today it has become one of the largest and greatest TEDx events in the world. Apart from the main event, the team is organizing several smaller scale events and activities throughout the year.

Communication Effect enthousiastically supports TEDxAthens since 2010 in the fields of communication strategy, event management, media relations, social media and community initiatives.

In 2012, TEDxAthens launched Human Grid, a project that is focusing on groups of people that “weave” the social fabric of the city. Human Grid aspires to highlight and support organizations and groups of people that have decided to cooperate towards a common purpose, in order to do something positive for those around them and for their city, acting against the economic crisis and the downgrading of the social fabric.

Communication Effect embraces and activelly supports the initiative in the fields of communication strategy, strategy execution and media relations.