People at Edelman are on our team.

Communication Effect has been a member of this powerful global network since 2000 as an exclusive affiliate for Greece & Cyprus.


Thanks to this ever-expanding partnership, we draw expertise on a daily basis and take part in complex communication projects for major brands with an international presence and range.

Have a look at what Edelman really stands for:

In 1952, Dan Edelman planted the seed for a new kind of company – one that would redefine the role of public relations. Sixty years later, we continue to push the boundaries of what PR can do. Grounded by our core values and strengthened by our independence, we help clients communicate, engage and build relationships with their stakeholders. Edelman΄s leadership profile is impressive no matter how you look at it. With more than 66 offices, 4.500 employees around the world and affiliates in more than 30 cities, it is the largest independent public relations network internationally with a client list that includes some of the best-known brands.


Public Engagement

We believe that in an increasingly complex world—with a media landscape in constant flux, where authority is dispersed and conversations start anywhere and involve influencers of all types—public relations alone is no longer enough. Today’s world calls for public engagement—a Third Way for companies to communicate beyond paid and earned media. Public Engagement enables our clients to actively and meaningfully participate in a connected world, increase trust, deepen relationships, change behaviors and foster and sustain economic success. Here’s more >>



Edelman Digital was established as the world’s first global social agency. Today, we are also the largest. We bring together the best talent to help clients from every industry and sector, navigate complex business and brand challenges brought on by an increasingly digital world. We plan innovative business strategies and deliver flawless execution. We excel at helping our clients recalibrate their brands, reframe their positions and – most importantly – connect and engage with people. We succeed on this front, because while we spend a lot of time in the digital world, we know what matters most is what happens on the other side of the screen. It’s about real people and honest connections. It’s about sharing ideas and shaping opinions. It’s giving people the space to tell their stories – across multiple channels and with a wide range of devices. As the lines between traditional media elite, bloggers and online influencers have become blurred, our work is also about striking the right tone. We help clients find a persuasive voice that’s more than a catchy jingle, a flashy banner, or a series of talking points—but a trusted source. Here’s more >>



Our greatest challenge today is deciding where to begin telling a story. There are four distinct, but related, types of media today: 1) mainstream, 2) hybrid, 3) social, and 4) owned. Imagine them as a four-leaf clover. Sitting in the middle of the clover is search, the new on-ramp to all forms of media, as well as content which fuels “search rank”. And there are also new influencers, such as the 25,000 people who provide half the world’s tweets. They’re passionate, fast and prolific, which makes their expertise and personal experience resonate globally. We must work to stimulate storytelling that creates motion across all of the different types of media. We must ensure that personal stories and ideas are part of our output and that high-quality content – infographics and short-form video – can be easily found and shared to enhance search results. Here’s more >>