Footlocker event

Footlocker, an international chain of sportswear, organized a two-day promotional event, with the support of Communication Effect. The event took place in the end of December, at the new shopping mall “Pantheon Plaza” of Larisa.

Communication Effect took charge of the two-day event in cooperation with Footlocker in Netherlands and Edelman in Spain. During the event, girls were offering mall visitors a promotional discount voucher, as an incentive to visit the new Footlocker sportswear store in Larisa.

Each voucher could be scanned through a special device in the store and visitors were immediately informed of the amount of the discount. Each one of the scanned vouchers was offering a discount, throughout the whole duration of the event. The discount was close to 20% for each purchase up to 30 euro. Moreover, every day of the event, a lucky visitor had the chance to win a pair of athletic shoes of his choice.

The promotional event was successfully completed. It achieved its main goal of increasing the awareness of the new Footlocker store in Larisa, with 1500 people visiting the store these two days.

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