HP Ink Advantage Promo Days

For the support of the Ink Advantage launching by HP, we wanted to offer consumers a true ‘hands-on’ experience of the new printers’ line. Our main concept was to set up a fully branded booth in the two most popular shopping malls in Athens, The Mall Athens and Golden Hall, where the consumers could be informed about and see Ink Advantage in action.

Given that the new HP Ink Advantage printing system is addressed to home users and small businesses, we decided to communicate new series’ messages to our target-group in a more direct and funny way. The branded booth was designed by our creative team so as to look like a living room and a kid’s room/ office. In this way, visitors could enjoy a home-like atmosphere while testing the products.
We also offered a daily Painting Workshop for kids: a special activity where kids were selecting their favorite drawing from the HP print apps, printing it on site and painting it.

During this activation, about a thousand people were briefed in detail for the Ink Adavantage series, grabbed the ‘hands-on’ oppurunity and tested the products on site, while many many others stopped by the booth, in both The Mall Athens and Golden Hall.

Furthermore, we boosted this activation by generating a media buzz, leveraging mostly our online network and selected radio stations.
As a result, HP’s Ink Advantage sales were rapid in both malls.

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