Integrated online platform: servicing citizens & business

Communication Effect designed and implemented the communication strategy campaign of KEDKE, “A Single Online Environment O.T.A.”, aiming to change radically the relationship between Municipalities and citizens. It consists probably the most essential project of Municipalities modernization. The project was initially implemented in a pilot form in 14 Municipalities, in charge of C’KPS’ and it was later extended in 100 Municipalities, as part of ESPA. Its main goal was to simplify the customer service procedures for citizens and businesses. Regarding its Publicity Consultant, Communication Effect produced and supported its communication design and the appropriate applications, so Web forms a single operational and informational environment for Municipalities and citizens.

Goal of the project was to create a standard website which would be used from every Municipality to publish context, moreover, as a gateway for internet services. At the same time, the website would upgrade the administrative services for citizens and businesses, through many contact channels which covered at least 11 categories in five basic areas:

1. Informational Services (for ex. required documents for a topic),

2. Communication Services (for ex. application or certificate patterns),

3. Interactive Services (for ex. online applications),

4. Transactional Services (for ex. transaction and payment completion) and

5. Personalized Services (for ex. early notice for specific actions).


These services were provided both to citizens and businesses:

Services to citizens: Payment of Municipal fees, taxes and fines, individual or family statements, certificates, town planning issues, etc.

Services to businesses: Establishment and operation license,profession license,payment of Municipal fees, taxes, etc.


It is worth mentioning that the project was implemented by ensuring interoperability. Online services of the Single Online Environment O.T.A cooperated with the existing Municipality informational systems and the already provided online services.

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