Municipal Web Portals of Macedonia and Thrace

The particular project was implemented in 469 Municipalities of the country, among which 136 in total were undertaken by Communication Effect, in all the provinces of Macedonia and Thrace. This integrated communication program included informing all the citizens about the Web Portal of their Municipality.

Communication Effect was in charge of a range of actions with the slogan “Connect with your Municipality”, aiming towards informing citizens of the new face and presence of Municipalities on the internet. A unique website for all the Municipalities of the country with population less than 20.000, marks the beginning of the e-Government era.

Communication Effect undertook the following actions for successfully informing the citizens.

  1. Installation, operation and staffing of the informational stands
  2. Informing citizens through a special form
  3. Preparation, organization and implementation of Informational Days
  4. Operation of the Press Office
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