Best Practices forum website

Best Practices Forum’s website is more of a crowdsourcing platform. Apart from displaying Forum’s scope, basic info, news etc (, this online space expediting the sourcing,  presentation and voting of the projects taking part into contest.

Enterpreneurs have been sending their projects-info via an online form which contained fields for title, description, url, photos, attachments etc. Data were then uploaded to the system and displayed in a presentable list so that audience could browse on projects and vote for them ( At final stage, projects could be sorted by popularity.

Here is some of the features of the platform overall:

-Listing of projects with logo & small description

-Unique pages for every project w/ more (multimedia) content & comments/discussion

-Chronological archiving & typology tagging

-Rating/voting mechanism w/ login via twitter, facebook or openID

-Blogging platform