Frezyderm – Cream Boosters Launch

On behalf of its client Frezyderm, Communication EFFECT  was responsible for the official launch of Frezyderm’s new Cream Boosters series in the Greek market.

With the message “Boost Your Self-Confidence”, our team held an event dedicated to journalists, representatives of the lifestyle, beauty, radio and commercial community, as well as bloggers and YouTubers to get to know the new series from Frezyderm, which offers personalized care.

Communication EFFECT organized an interactive event where guests were able to attend the scientific and educational seminar of the pharmacist, Quality & Training Manager of Frezyderm, Ms. Chrysoula Gouskou.

In addition, they had the opportunity to attend the “Voice & Success Seminar” with the soprano and voice specialist Ms. Nina Kaloutsa, who showed that the best way to increase our influence on the professional and personal environment is through the development of our own self-confidence.

During the event, everyone had the chance to discover the unique qualities of each one of the 14 different Cream Boosters!