HP DeskJet 3700 – Christmas Timeline Activation

Communication Effect, on behalf of its client HP Hellas, organized a campaign for the launch of DeskJet 3700 Printer All-in-One series.

For the purposes of this activation we collaborated with the well-known TV presenter Sakis Tanimanidis and created videos featuring the HP Deskjet 3700. These videos were uploaded to both the influencer’s social media accounts as well as to HP social media.

Along with the promotion of the videos in which Sakis Tanimanidis was starring, we ran an interactive Facebook timeline activation through which users were able to win significant prizes. We executed a contest in which users were asked to interact by leaving comments to the video posted in HP social media. Users had the chance to win the actual printer along with their trip to their favorite European destination.

The main objectives were to increase engagement and to communicate the smallest and most elegant All-in-One printer in the world by increasing traffic to HP respective webpage and in HP social media.