Media Strom Corporate PR & Promotion

One of the biggest MEDIA STROM challenges was shops-replanning in order to include experiential tour for the visitors and usage-trials of products. Οur team organised a “Dream Trip” for the journalists achieving publicity via experience. Journalists were toured in MEDIA STROM΄s central shop and trying out products and meeting company΄s culture. For the circumstance, a special press kit was prepared while assisting left with gift a cushion MEDIA STROM.

During the celebration of International Day of Sleep of 21 March 2010, Communication EFFECT drew a two-day promotional act inside the metro station of Syntagma Square. We created a “Bed Corner” where passerbies had the occasion to stop for a while and rest while trying best MEDIA STROM΄s product, Optimun Diamond. In the same time, public received informative material and useful advice for a better sleep.