Visa Solidarity Project

Visa Hellas organised a Solidarity Project in order to economically support 15 NGOs in Greece in the challenging times that the country faces at the moment. With the motto “Even the smallest move can lead to a big change” Visa announced the distribution of €1.000.000 to 15 selected NGOs within the first semester of 2016. More specifically, for every POS transaction, €0.02 will be allocated towards the project until the fund has reached €1M. The entire amount is already secured from the participating banks and Visa’s contribution, regardless of the POS transactions amount raised.

Communication EFFECT undertook the implementation of a 360o strategy for this campaign. Our team was responsible for the creative design of the campaign, media promotion on TV & radio, digital promotion through Programmatic, Premium Display, Skype, Twitter & Google Display Network and YouTube, as well as website content management, press releases, event planning and infographic design.