Our brand new EFFECT

Welcome to the new Communication EFFECT!

As you may have noticed we have redesigned our corporate ID and have also built a new website from scratch.

We think that any rebranding attempt should follow and express fundamental changes within the company otherwise, it has no significant meaning. The communication and PR industry has undergone dramatic changes during the last years. Public Relations is not just about press publicity anymore; things today are a lot different, both globally and locally. EFFECT is constantly monitoring all of these trends and has already invested in developing a series of effective digital services. Our team also has many new members; most of them digital natives. The new corporate ID comes in as the visualization which is following these changes. EFFECT’s rebranding is a statement that reflects our mood towards the new era: communicate in a clear and direct manner, simplify processes, be confident and always act like a pro.

Our new website communicationeffect.com aims to become a useful guide and a dynamic tool for both projects & case studies of our company and also industry ideas, news or opinions. It is powered by wordpress and was built in-house, so feel free to explore it and please give us your feedback as we are constantly working in order to improve it!

Note: if you are lucky enough to be a greek-speaker, you may read the keynote of our CEO, Stathis Haikalis, on our ID change.

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