At Communication Effect we deliver the best in communications’ strategy to our clients so that they can reach their business and communication goals. This is a new era of public engagement pulling information from a variety of sources, experts and networks. Consumers demand a dialogue and expect an empowered role with the brands they interact with, and the communities they touch.

A campaign is a series of well-crafted messages that share a single idea or theme, which make up an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). We believe in creating entertaining and valuable experiences which are calling for creative action and enhance your brand’s awareness.

Building a campaign is where exactly strategic thinking meets dynamic creative solutions. Whether this is a brand, an organization or a more targeted message, tell your story in an inspiring way, while integrating messaging across all channels and their specifications.

So our campaigns are holistic and well – targeted. We always develop a 360 campaign in order to meet our target groups and convey the messages and the targets we have set, aiming at bringing the best for our client.

The power of a strong company and a brand is beyond doubt. From consumer goods to technology and fashion, brand is the hero in every aspect of our life.  Communication Effect monitors the market and the changing habits in order to combine all possible alternatives for developing a campaign. From a media event or a consumer activation program to a corporate event and a PR campaign.

For us marketing means strategic savvy and expertise, market and industry knowledge, professionalism and strong commitment towards client’s needs. We build brands and we protect our client’s image under a holistic strategic approach.

Our team offers an integrated combination of traditional PR knowledge, imaginative thinking and a network of important media connections, but also shares knowledge of an above the line campaign and sponsorship. We develop and implement strategic campaigns that help our clients build strong relationships with consumers and enhance loyalty for their brands. And above all we are motivated by passion, creativity and commitment.

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