You can say one thing about the online world with certainty: it never stands still. Indeed, over recent years we have witnessed a gradual but intense change in the global communication landscape. The vital communication sector, as traditionally mediated by the major media, is being increasingly taken over by the new communication model of the unmediated and distributed ecosystem that is the online world.

This new media scenario has sparked a series of fundamental changes in established concepts about communication, such as the move from one-way to two-way communication, from periodicity to real-time communication, from target audience to interconnected communities of citizens/consumers/users and content on-demand.

Our team is comprised of digital natives who have emerged from genuine online culture. We now use this gained experience & digital communication tools to serve your planning and its implementation with the most comprehensive way to date.

You can see below the fields we are covering and the services we respectively offer:

Web & Mobile Design
Your company or organisation’s website and application is your “embassy” to the virtual world; the place where all of your main functions are being carried out. Whether you are creating an application, a new website or reforming an old one, Communication Effect will help you synch your ID & your business with your ever-expanding audience. We handcraft state-of-the-art websites, micro-sites, blogs or large-scale web platforms taking into real consideration:

  • Information architecture
  • User Experience
  • User interface
  • Funcionality & interactivity
  • Creative content
  • SEO optimization
  • Accessibility
  • Reliability & Support


Mobile applications

Smartphones & Tablets are on the rise and the future is definetely mobile. Give your fans a handy & entertaining way to engage with your content & functions instanly and let them reach you 24/7.

SEO (search engine optimization)
The sheer vastness of the web is why achieving a high position in the relevant results on search engines is so important and why SEO is now established as one of the most effective growth strategies for a company or organisation with an online presence.


Communication Effect has the expertise to develop a plan to improve the position of your website in search engine results, whether by providing advice and guidance, by creating unique and seo optimized content, technical improvements, or even redesign your website.

Online campaigns

A campaign is a series of well-crafted messaging that shares a single idea/theme which makes up an integrated marketing communication plan. We believe in creating entertaining and valuable experiences which are calling for creative action and enhance your brand’s awareness.


Our performance marketing team focuses on action oriented campaigns with measurable results. Programmatic buying, ppc campaigns, advertorial campaigns, behavioral targeting, remarketing campaigns, demographic targeting, geographic targeting, and site based targeting are some of the ways we use to obtain action oriented results.


Display advertising

Display – banner – advertising on the internet is widely used for branding and creating awareness; it is becoming much more targeted to users, much like how search engine ads can be extremely relevant to users based on what they are searching for.


Our strategy, both in the creative & the digital departments is to work closely together to build your campaign using all state-of-the-art tools & tactics appropriate, designing static or animated banners for all available advertising platforms.


Social Media Advertising

Social ads are ads featured on social networking sites. Most notably, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin ads are a reliable and cost-effective advertising platforms that let you reach your audience in new and numerous ways.


We can handle this advertising perspective for you by creating highly-targeted messages that will enable interaction between users & your brand, boost virality and get measurable results.


Search engine marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is another effective method to reach your audience. SEM combines the traditional techniques of paid advertising with the mechanics of online search.


We can build and manage your advertising strategy and plan, providing measurable results, daily optimizations, flexibility and analytics marketing insights.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another popular form of online marketing. Within an affiliate network you can place campaigns into a potentially large number of small or big online publishers and pay only for your actual agreed metrics (e.g. forms completed, sales achieved, number of sign-up, etc.).

Email Marketing / Newsletters
A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication that is of interest to its subscribers. We design your newsletter, build your content, manage your contact list, deliver, monitor and control the newsletter platform. Most importantly: we take into real consideration not to violate any spam laws or norms which would certainly backlash.


Our team specializes in targeted newsletter campaigns, custom content and design as well as retargeting & reflex campaigns, whether it is a B2B, B2C or Ecommerce newsletter.

Integrated 360 digital strategy
As readership in traditional media shifts to online media, so have the focus of many in public relations. Content publishing, social media releases, search engine optimization and the introduction of multi-media interactive tools are here to stay. Small, medium and large sized organizations are finally arriving at a stage in which the Web represents for them a critical communication, PR/PA, marketing and commercial venue essential to their success.


Online communication is much like a living system in which, all components must be balanced and in harmony whilst being properly nurtured and fed. Websites, social media and applications are just part of an overall online strategy: you need to consider all your online presence to include the sites you connect to, third party content you embed, a user-generated content policy and even more, the organic connection of your online, traditional media & offline activities. This is what here, at Communication Effect, we call the engaged web and why you need a more holistic, 360 view of your online presence.

Web content production/curation
The very essence of a brand’s presence online is closely related to the content it produces and shares. The essence of a brand lies within its meaning. And content has meaning. Content matters. Web content includes, amongst other things, text, images, sounds, videos and animations encountered as part of the user experience on the web. “Content is King” is a current meme while curation, we add, is the queen.


The comparative advantage of your online presence depends on the added value it brings to a topic of interest. We make your content matter. It’s our job to create engaging content worth sharing.

Social Media Management & Community building

At Communication Effect we are fully aware of and engaged with all social media platforms and provide our clients with a number of services concerning the social era. Social media management is a 24/7 occupation for us. We are responsible for launching new social media accounts, increasing their fan base, and creating engaging content, both visual and video.

We are here to help you build communities around your brand or organisation and to establish bonds through:

  • Identification & engagement of communities of practice & online influencers
  • Online conversation, auditing & landscape analysis
  • Relevant & creative content creation
  • Development of community framework & governance
Online Reputation
We monitor, analyze, report and nurture online discussions about a brand or a business field that could provide invaluable feedback which if correctly monitored and analyzed, can exceed in value even the most sophisticated market research.


We monitor your activity’s feedback using the most up-to-date analytic methods and we respond to both opportunities and threats while continually optimizing your overall brand’s positioning.


Our monitoring teams are online and available 24/7 using all necessary tools to monitor your online reputation.

Live services: streaming, social media coverage, polls & more
Extend your audience and event’s awareness by live-stream your event on the web, cover it live using social media tools or moderated feedback streams and provide new media tools for the wider audience to interact more actively such as live polls via the web or even SMS.