Strategy & Consulting

Organizations and business are not satisfied with a communication partner who views PR as a technical support. In case of change management, crisis management, rebranding, online reputation, new product/service launching, companies are looking forward to a consultant who can deal with strategic issues.

Our experience team has developed the skills and accumulated the experience to bring in the most challenging communication services and take part in meetings with the top executives, business consultants and clients of clients. In turbulent times our team of senior consultants are trusted to plan and execute the appropriate policies for the purpose of communicating with internal audiences or external communities.

Communication EFFECT has emerged as an effective partner since we embrace the assertive methods that cope with the decentralized power across communities and stakeholders of the Internet era. Our consultants take part in inderdisciplinary teams which have to solve complex problems and deliver promptly a crystal clear response.

As social media and myriads of media outlets have multiply the information channels, Communication EFFECT can guarantee the uniqueness of the message and the preparedness of the transmitters.

Our team is competent to deal with a main issue of the modern organizations, that is the real time impact of any crucial decision or strategic move. The disperse of the Organization power because of the citizen participation across a variety of platforms (physical or online) has raised the need for conversation, consensus process and advocacy building.