We can finally surf the web in the center of Athens!

“We can finally surf the web in the center of Athens!”. This was the title of the activities that took place in order to publicize and promote the Wireless Broadband Network for Public Access ATHENSWIFI of Polytechnic University in cooperation with Communication Effect.

The following specific actions were adopted in order to be widely known:

  1. 2  three-day events, on 3-5/10 in Syntagma Square and 10-12/10 in Thiseio, where special stands were providing information. During these days all the citizens could take souvenirs from the stands, whereas people that connected to ATHENSWIFI network participated in a special draw for a laptop and a PDA
  2. Promotion of the event through sponsorships zones in two radio stations in Athens
  3. Advertising campaign in a radio station
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